Nursing and Midwifery

St.Joseph training Centre

Nursing and Midwifery institute started in 1995 as the St. Joseph training centre for upcoming nurses.  Originally the school offered training for vocational and a few enrolled nurses who served in Hospitals all around the country. Progressively the School expanded its training services to hospitals in the region and smaller non-goverment units. Following this expansion, the school also began recruiting and training private candidates. 

The School of Midwifery was established with the purpose of addressing maternal and child Issues in the eastern region of Uganda.  In accordance with the Health Sector Strategic Plan, the Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing Course was started in 2001.The centre so far has total of 500 students who are attending the nursing and mid wifery education. St. Joseph School of Nursing & Midwifery is a Department of St. Joseph training centre- mukono.The centre is in kisoga parish,Lugazi Diocese.



The new students are required to register within the first TWO (02) weeks of the Semester with the Offices of The Academic Registrar, the Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of the Dean of School and with their respective Halls of Residence. Non - resident students must register with the Wardens (Refer to the Admission Letter for requirements.)

Late registration would only be authorized by the Academic Registrar under special circumstances. This would be done in a period not exceeding ONE (01) month from the opening of the Semester. The student would be required to pay a late registration fee of Shs. 50,000/- (Fifty thousand shillings only)

A student who fails to register within the period stipulated above would be advised to re-apply the next Semester (i.e. His/Her place would be forfeited).




Basic Entry Requirements


Short listing/interview 

Admission time

Diploma Nursing/Midwifery (Direct)

3 years

‘A’ level sciences with a Principal Pass in Biology and a subsidiary pass in Chemistry


June  –August.



Diploma Nursing/Midwifery (up-grading)

1 ½  years

Certificate in Nursing or Midwifery


Feb – March



Certificate in Nursing or Midwifery

2 ½  years

‘O’ Level standard with at least passes in sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Mathematics)


Feb – March and June -August



Laboratory Technicians
(Direct) or

2 years

‘A’ level sciences with  two (2) Principal Passes in Biology and Chemistry


March – May




Laboratory Assistants

Laboratory Assistants

2 years

‘O’ Level standard with at least passes in sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and Mathematics)


March – May



Clinical mentor

9 months

Certificate – Enrolled nursing /Midwifery /laboratory Assistant or Diploma in any of the above

Advanced Diploma




E-Learning (Midwifery)


Certificate Midwifery


Future courses:

    •       3yrs Bachelors degree in Nursing Science in Specialization Courses
    •       Bachelors in Medical Laboratory
    •       Evening courses (Nursing /Midwifery-Diploma)
    •       Computer courses


    CEREMONY/OF ADMISSION (Swearing in Ceremony):
    This is a formal occasion for which you must attend and swear in order to be a bonafide student by taking an Oath of Allegiance to the Institute. You are advised to acquire an undergraduate gown available from the Office of the Academic Registrar.


    Lecture sessions shall normally be conducted as follows:-
    (i)      Day Programme sessions 'from 7:00a.m and end at 5:00p.m.
    (ii)      Evening Programme sessions from 5:15p.m. and end at 9:15p.m.
    (iii)     Weekend Programme sessions from 8:00a.m. and end at 6:00pm
    (iv]    Face to face sessions (Distance Learning) from 7:00a.m. and end at

    Lecture attendance is obligatory and is a preliquisite for sitting examinations.


    There shall normally be TWO (02) Semesters in an Academic Year: The duration of a Semester is 17 weeks with 15 weeks for lectures and last 02 weeks for conducting examinations.

    A student who wishes to change the programme (e.g. from Evening to Weekend etc), is required to formally apply to the Academic Registrar through the Dean of the respective School. This would attract an administrative fee of Shs.100,000/= (One hundred thousand shillings only).

    This must be done within the first TWO (02) weeks of the Semester. The student is advised to first seek guidance from the Office of the Academic Registrar concerning the eligibility for the proposed course. The applicant would then fill in a form obtainable from the Office of the Academic Registrar. Late application attracts a surcharge of Shs. 100,000/=.

    As a student shall be awarded the Diploma/Certificate he/she is registered for an admission. However, under 'special circumstances, a student may apply for a change of study level from a higher level to a lower level. The application shall be approved by the Academic Registrar on the advice of Senate.


    As registered student you are eligible to Library membership. However, full membership is preceded by registration to the department. A Library regulations book will be issued to all new students during orientation.



    As a full-time (Day) student you are required to report with a medical form endorsed by a qualified medical doctor. This would help track your health history thereby according you the appropriate medical attention. The Institute has a clinic run by a Medical Doctor and Nursing staff. All registered students are eligible for treatment.


    All new students are encouraged to be residents. There pre residential - premises for both male and female students. All resident students must register with the Office of The Dean of Students "'before they could be directed to the Warden for room allocation. Non - residents are advised to contract the Dean of Students office for advice on approved Hostels.

    NOTE: A detailed Code of Conduct for resident students could be got from the Dean of Students.


    A student whose period of study has expired shall be required to apply for extension of academic study period to the Academic Registrar through the Dean of the respective School. The form is obtainable from the Office of the Academic Registrar at a fee of Shs. 100,000/=. The student will also be required to pay fees covering the period of extension. This applies only on psychological problems to which documents must be produced.

    Each course shall be assessed out of 100 total marks with proportions determined as follows:-
    (i)      Course work                                                                            -        30%
    (ii)      Except for SCIAD where course work shall take                   -         60%
    (iii)     Written examination                                                               -         70%

    The course work shall comprise: assignments, tests, practical or project work, etc, which are conducted throughout the programme.


    There shall be insititute examinations as a mode of assessment for all programmes leading -to Academic Awards of the Institute. The examinations shall be conducted at the end of every Semester. The following pre-conditions are necessary before a student is cleared for examinations.
    a)      You should have covered at least 30 (thirty) contact hours per course unit.
    b)      You should submit course work and clear with the Dean of School.
    c)      Payment of fees in full.
    d)      Filling a certificate of due performance (Pre-qualification Form) which is duly signed by the officials hereto.
    e)      Being a fully registered student of St.Joseph’s Training Centre with a valid ID
    and Authority Card.
    NOTE: The Institute may organize one examination for all programmes.

    The Pass mark
    The pass mark for all Institute examinations shall be 50% based on a combination of both course work and final examinations. A student who fails to obtain the above pass mark shall be required to RETAKE the course subject to payment of Shs. 1 00,000/=.

    End of Semester results
    You are required to collect your End of Semester results from the School each Semester. An annual report of your results will be obtained upon payment of Ugx. 5,000/= (five thousand shillings only).

    Students may be discontinued under the following circumstances:-

    When a student accumulates three consecutive probations based on CGPA he/she shall be discontinued.

    A student in School of Nursing who repeats any to the first 2 (two) years of the study for the diploma twice or has had the two different years repeated, shall not be allowed to repeat the third year of his/her study for the diploma, such a student shall be discontinued from the course.

    A student who has overstayed in an Academic Programme by more than Two (2) years shall be discontinued from his/her studies at the Institute.

    A   student   who   has   been   found   guilty   of   any   examination malpractice that attracts the maximum penalty of discontinuation from the studies in the institute.

    (v)          A student, who has been found guilty of any gross misconduct that attracts the maximum penalty of discontinuation from the institute.

    If you choose to study at St.Joseph’s Training Centre, be prepared for diversity, diverse people, diverse customs, diverse behaviour. This diversity may surprise you but as you become accustomed to it, you may also be pleased to find that while it is not all bad or all good, it is so different.

    Please enjoy your stay at the Institute.

    NOTE:             Every new student is advised to acquire a copy of the Senate General Rules and regulations for details of all the above guidelines.


    The minimum period of the programme is THREE (03) years with classes conducted on a full-time (Day) basis run on a SEMESTER system. The maximum period shall be FIVE (05) years (including the first year of registration) only permissible under the SPECIAL SENATE DISPENSATION

    You are expected to report to the institute on the date and time stated ready for Registration and Orientation.

    This is the period when the new students get acclimatized to the key facilities of the Institution. The session will be conducted from the 1st Monday  of the month of reporting to the Friday of that 1st week..

    You are required to pay the fees in FULL before registration. Non payment of fees will deny you all the Institution facilities including examinations. The fees structure for the course is indicated below:


    First semester

    Second semester




    Functional fees



    Accommodation & meals






    Payment of fees should be by Cheque ,  Bankdraft, or to Barclays bank Account No. 5800151645