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St. Joseph training centre is made up of a strong team of practicing and retired professionals in the fields of administration.

The experienced, enthusiastic and well qualified staff ensure that the more able are challenged and the less able supported so that all our students have the opportunity to flourish.

We have always emphasised the importance of school and parents / carers working together in partnership. We believe that commitment to this partnership is essential if each young person is to reach his or her full potential.

There are well qualified, dedicated teaching assistants who are an integral part of the teaching team.

Academic Registrar's welcome message

At the institute our students are unique, stylish and open-minded so there’s no identifiable st.joseph ‘look’. Their families might live many time zones away, or they might have grown up round the corner; either way, by the time they leave st.joseph, they are confident, articulate and ready to launch their career.

GOAL: To produce a God-fearing professional health worker, able to provide quality services to clients

VISION: To be an internationally reputable health training institution.

MISSION: To provide high quality health personnel enriched with theoretical knowledge and evidence based practice

VALUES: Commitment to Catholic Christian values, Integrity, Professionalism, Mutual respect .

We therefore encourage our students to think adventurously and courageously and to take up new opportunities. As a private nursing institute,st.joseph can give every studentl as much time, expert guidance and resources as its needs to reach its full potential.

But how to fully explain what life at a private nursing institute such as st.joseph is like? Well, for a start, what we can predict is that st.joseph as a community will surprise you. We can talk to you about the sense of true belonging that our students say they feel, and describe the thoughtful, kind and articulate characters we are so proud to teach and live alongside.

However, the best qualified people to tell you what life is really like at independent training institute like st.Joseph are those who give the school its character – the students. Come and meet them at one of our Open Days or view more information around the admissions process.


The organisation has the following operation structure:

The Board of Directors of the organisation.
Department of nursing and Midwifery

St. Joseph training centre is soon opening in Masaka